Like the "air" you  breathe, the name    AiiR  is only suitable for this one. 


Kiaris (key-air-wris) Taylor  was born on March 19, 1991 in Detroit, MI at Hutzel hospital. 

Kiaris: You know, at first I  didn't like my name much. I  wished my mom  had named me something else like Rose, or something. Like in the movie "Titanic". It was easy to pronounce, and  I could at least find the name on a bicycle chain. Even growing up I struggled with my identity. I  didn't know that I was supposed to embrace my skin color, my smell, my voice, my personality. It took me a long time to begin loving myself, and it started  out by embracing a name I had never heard anyone else call themselves at the time. Now, I'm  more into self love now. Loving myself. I  actually  started to enjoy some of who I was. 


Who I  am. I  found the confidence only with this name. I wasn't always this confident as I  am now, so  I  write music so people, who need help reaching their full potential can hear my messages. Hopefully, they are more comfortable in their own skin to just be themselves, after they hear my songs. I'll probably have to take it back further. 

________Farmington, MN____________


At  1 1 months Kiaris and the family moved to Farmington, Minnesota.  

I grew up around little girls that looked nothing like me. I   grew up not knowing there  were people who could help me understand who I was. I started my journey by picking up a pen and a pad (sounds like everyone. I    know!) and guess who steered me towards those essential objects? My family and a long time friend. Courtney Gustafson) We would perform for my grandmother and dad all the songs we had written. We even had routines!  (MuisQ spark)


Skip to   11   years old 

(11.11)<---Isn't  this that fancy reset number?

I can't really tell my real story until I connect the pieces in real life. ..

Here is a taste. Like it or leave it.   

About AiiR